Egyptian Mystics: Seekers of the Way - Moustafa Gadalla

di Moustafa Gadalla

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    This book explains how Ancient Egypt is the origin of alchemy and present-day Sufism, and how the mystics of Egypt camouflage their practices with a thin layer of Islam. The book also explains the progression of the mystical Way towards enlightenment, with a coherent explanation of its fundamentals and practices. It shows the correspondence between the Ancient Egyptian calendar of events and the cosmic cycles of the universe. It also provides the evidence that Ancient Egypt is the source of the Christian calendar of holidays (ex: Easter, Last Supper, Christmas, Lent, Ascension Day, Pentecost, Epiphany, Transfiguration, etc).

    Sample Highlights:

    The oxymoron of "Islamic Mysticism" and how the Egyptian mystics survive Islamic rule.
    The Egyptian Way of gaining knowledge by both intellect and spiritual revelations.
    The lively details of the Egyptian renewal festivals.

    Table of Contents 5
    Preface 9
    Standards and Terminology 11
    Chronology of Egyptian Dynasties 13
    Map of Egypt and Surrounding Countries 14

    I. The Hidden Treasure
    1. Egyptian Mysticism and Islamized Sufism
    Dogmatic and Mystical Routes
    Egyptians: The Most Religious
    The Source of Sufism 17

    2. The Treasure Within
    The Image of God,
    Organs of Perception,
    The Power of Love 25

    II. Transformation from Dust to Gold
    3. The Alchemist Way
    Atum/Adam: The Alchemist Goal,
    Progressive Sowing and Reaping,
    Your Guiding Angels,
    The Thrice Tehuti (Hermes) 31

    4. The Purification Process
    Pure Gold (Purifying the Heart and Tongue),
    The Healthy Body,
    Getting out of the Box,
    Battling the Enemies (Impurities) Within,
    The Ego: Personal Enemy #1,
    The Do’s and Don’ts,
    The Pauper is a Prince 38

    5. Basic Practices
    The Power of Concentration,
    The Animated Breathing Techniques,
    Playing the Magic Flute & Other Instruments,
    Recitations of Names, Rosaries, etc.,
    Sports and Rhythmic Movements,
    Mind Games,
    Contemplating Death (Astral Travel),
    Group Astral Travel Practices,
    Enduring Love (Mind Over Matter) 48

    6. The Way to Revelations
    No Chosen People,
    Ra (Re) - The Unity of Multiplicity,
    Dualism - The Essence of Creation,
    Reconciliation of Dualities Into THE ONE (Tying/Untying the Knot),
    Knowledge by Spiritual Revelation (Zikr/dhikr),
    Unification and Deification,
    Pir: The Power House (Baraka, Karamat) 56

    7. The Heavenly Helpers
    The Eternal Perfect Servants (The Walis),
    Staying Alive,
    The Blessed Shrines (The Ka-houses) 66

    III. The Public Visitation Fairs
    8. The Cyclical Renewal Festivals
    The Need for Renewal,
    The History of Mouleds (moulid, mawlid) in Egypt,
    The Festival Regulators (Auset and Ausar),
    Setting the Dates (Rejuvenation Cycles) 73

    9. Samples of Ancient-Present Festivals
    Familiar Festivals,
    The Egyptian Calendrical New Year’s Day,
    The Wag Festival,
    The Conception (Planting) Mouled,
    The Last Supper (Darkness Overtakes Light),
    The Advent of Ausar (Osiris),
    The King’s New Year’s Day (1 Jan),
    Epiphany (6 Jan),
    Ascension Day,
    The First Teardrop,
    The Egyptian Pentecost,
    Transfiguration of Heru (Horus),
    Our Lady Meriam (Assumption of Our Lady Day),
    Auset’s (Mary’s) Birthday 82

    10. The Egyptian Spirited Fairs (Mouleds)
    Family Reunion,
    The Mouled’s Overall Activities Scheme
    (The Opening Ceremonies, Ongoing Rituals,
    Visitation Obligations, Feast of Offerings,
    Boy Circumcision (initiation), Variety Booths,
    The Mystical Entertainment,
    The Mystic’s Sports and Games,
    The Climactic Octave Eve Activities,
    The Closing Ceremonies: The Final Procession) 98

    IIII. Come One Come All
    11. Fellowship Formations
    The Universality of Egyptian Mysticism,
    The Countless Ways,
    The Principles of a Fellowship
    (A Link to a Spiritual Chain,
    A Systematic Organization, Code of Ethics,
    Modes and Programs to Attain Fellowship Goals,
    An Active Role in Society) 119

    12. Auset (Isis): The Model Philosopher 128

    A. Miscellaneous Sufi Terms
    and Their Ancient Egyptian Roots
    The Gazelle’s Symbolism,
    Music of the Stones,
    The Word of God,
    The Names of God,
    The Written Word,
    Sacred Geometry, etc.,
    The Heart and the Tongue,
    The Canopis Mystical Doctrine,
    The Fountain of Youth 135

    B. Sleeping With the Enemy (Surviving Islam) 145

    C. Zikr (Dhikr): The Ecstatic Practice
    Prologue, What is Zikr?, Who Does it?,
    Where is it Done?, When is it Done?,
    How is it Done
    (Pre-Zikr Preparation,
    The Spiritual Guide and the Heavenly Ladder,
    Progression of the Zikr: Formation Configuration/Alignments,
    The Pacing Rhythm of Movements,
    Chanting and Invocations of Names,
    Chain Names, and Words of Power),
    Epilogue 149

    D. Reaching the Hearts and Minds (Effective
    Folkloric Songs and Dancing,
    Humor 161

    E. The Egyptian (Sothic) vs. The Latin (Julian, Gregorian) Calendar 165

    Glossary 168
    Selected Bibliography 174
    Sources and Notes 177
    Index 181
    About T.R.F. Books 189
    Ordering Information 192