The Ancient egyptian Root of Christianity - Moustafa Gadalla

di Moustafa Gadalla

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    Reveals the Ancient Egyptian roots of Christianity, both historically and spiritually. This book consists of three parts to coincide with the terms of trinity. It demonstrates that the major biblical ancestors of the biblical Jesus are all Ancient Egyptian prominent characters, and that the Christian tenets are all Egyptian in origin.

    Table of Contents

    Table of Contents 5
    Preface 9
    Standards and Terminology 11
    Chronology of the 18th and Early 19th Dynasties 13
    Map 14

    Part I. The Ancestors of the Christ King
    1 The Historical Christ’s Royal Ancestors 17
    2 David and Twt Homosis III 21
    3 Solomon and Amenhotep III 31
    4 Moses and Akhenaton 39

    Part II. The Historical Christ King
    5 Jesus and History 57
    6 His Epithets 65
    7 The Divine Man 69
    8. The Divided Kingdom 79
    9. Death in the Wilderness 87


    Part III. The Egyptian Christian Essence
    10 The Egyptian Roots of Christianity 97
    11 The Ancient Egyptian/Christian Holy Family 101
    12 The Way of Horus/Christ 111
    13 Genesis: The Mutilated Ancient Egyptian Cosmology 125
    14 The Ancient Egyptian/Christian Holidays 145

    Glossary 165
    Selected Bibliography 168
    Sources and Notes 172
    Index 179
    About TRF Books 188
    Ordering Form 192