• Studi Magrebini - ISSN 0585-4954

    Direttore: Agostino Cilardo

    Comitato Scientifico: Sergio Baldi, Anna Maria Di Tolla, Moha Ennaj, Ahmed Habouss, El Houssain El Moujahid, Abdallah El Mountassir, Ouahmi Ould-Braham, Nina Pawlak, Fatima Sadiqi.

    Studi Magrebini is an annual international scientific journal published since 1966. The areas of interest of the magazine range from history, religion, law, literatures to epigraphy, philosophy, philology, art, archeology economics, according to a synchronic and diachronic perspective, beginning from the historical origin of the Maghreb to the present day.
    The papers submitted for publication in Studi Magrebini are peer-reviewed.

    The peer-reviewing process is as follows:
    %u2022Articles are anonymously submitted to scholars, but they may be rejected outright by the editor.
    %u2022Each article is sent out to two reviewers, experts in the area under discussion.
    %u2022The reviewers may be either members of the editorial board or external experts.
    %u2022If the reviews are positive, the submission is accepted.
    %u2022Accepted articles with minor revisions are sent back for corrections.
    %u2022Accepted articles with major revisions are sent back for corrections and are subject to a further review.