di Herrman M.

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    In 8°, 356 pag. ill.ni a colori
    The Architecture of Displacement and Placelessness(Volume in Inglese). In Hypercontextuality, American architect Michael Herrman identifies a psychological-social phenomenon through which architecture interconnects distant, past, and imagined contexts, profoundly altering the way spaces have been perceived, inhabited, and built since the mid-twentieth century. Through a fascinating journey across Europe's cities, through its airports, and inside its neighborhoods, this book weaves together an exploration of works of architecture that have eradicated the postmodern concept of contextuality to reveal an increasingly hypercontextual world.
    Contents Preface iii Introduction 1 Dream Space 7 Unconscious Interiors 9 Collective Dream Space 41 Courtyards: Introverted Architecture 51 High-rises: Vertical Enclaves 63 Walls: Boundaries of Identity 83 Surrogate Space 101 Architecture Open to Interpretation 103 Mimetic Space 133 Camouflage: Metonymic Architecture 139 Intimidation: Conspicuous Exoticness 171 Travesty: Architecture of Distraction 185 Hyperreal Space 213 Illusory Cities 215 Hypercontextual Architecture 259 Apartment-Hotel 265 Nomadic Sanctuaries 279 Observatory 301 The Hypercontextual City 311 Notes 317 Illustration Credits 349 Index 353