Milesian islands. The fortified installations in the insular environment of Miletus in the Aegean in context (Thiasos Monografie, 15)


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    Autore: Kostantinos Sarantidis
    Anno edizione: 2020
    Collana: Thiasos Monografie, 15

    Materie: Archeologia
    Formato: 21x29,7
    Pagine: XX + 368


    Presentazione, G. Rocco
    Presentazione, L.M. Caliò
    Prologue, P. Triantafyllidis
    Aknowledgments, K. Sarantidis

    1. Introduction
    2. War and defense in antiquity
    3. Miletus and its territory in Antiquity: a historical analysis
    4. The fortifications of Miletus and Milesia
    5. The fortified installations of the Milesian islands: topographical and architectural analysis
    5.1. Leros
    5.2. Leipsoi (Lepsía)
    5.3. Arkioi (Arkítis/Argiae)
    5.4. Patmos
    5.5. Agathonisi (Tragaía)
    5.6. Farmakonisi (Farmakoússa)
    5.7. Fournoi (Korsiaé)
    6. Toward an interpretation of the Milesian insular fortified installations
    6.1. Typology of the fortified installations on the Milesian islands-comparanda
    6.2. Aspects of function of the fortified installations on the Milesian islands
    6.3. Milesian insular fortification synthesis
    7. Conclusions

    Excursus. Drawing lines: A roof tile fragment from Agathonisi of particular importance

    Appendix. Table of the viewshed analyzed sites with geographic coordinates in Greek grid (GGRS 1987)

    List of Illustrations
    Summaries in Greek and Italian
    I. Maps
    II. Plans
    Analytical Index