Islamic Manuscripts from the Library of the Istituto per l’Oriente Carlo Alfonso Nallino - Laura Bottini Series Catalogorum, VII


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    pp. 170, ill. b.n. 57, tavv. a col. f.t. XII

    This volume is tbe result of a project begun near the close of 2013, when Claudio Lo Jacono, President of tbe Istituto per l'Oriente Carlo Alfonso Nallino, Daniela Amaldi, member of the Executive Committee, and Michele Bernardini, of tbe Series Catalogorum Scientific Committee, entrusted me with the task of studying and cataloguing the institute's manuscript holdings.
    The catalogue is now ready, thanks to constant support and encouragement from tbe institute staff, particularly from Michele Bemardini.
    Special thanks go to Maria Szuppe, director of the Series Catalogorum, who read and revised the catalogue descriptive entries, and to Francis Richard, for his precious advice.
    The photographic reproductions are the work of Andrea Neve.