A Manual of Palestinian Aramaic Texts - "Biblica et orientalia" 34 - Fitzmyer, Joseph A. - Harrington, Daniel J.

di Joseph A. Fitzmyer, Daniel J. Harrington

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    Fitzmyer, Joseph A. – Harrington, Daniel J.
    “Biblica et orientalia” 34

    2002, pp. XIX-373

    This is an attempt to gather together Palestinian Aramaic texts of various sorts and varying lengths from the last two centuries B. C. and the first two centuries A. D. The texts are of diverse character: a few of them are biblical; a number belong to the so-called intertestamental literature of Palestinian Jews; some of them are letters, contracts, or business documents of different sorts, reflecting various elements of Palestinian life of that period. The last part of the collection of texts presented here comes from ossuaries or tombstone inscriptions. The collection made here provides the texts of these documents, a translation of the text, a brief introduction, and a bibliography of secondary literature on each of the texts. A glossary of the texts complete the collection.