BEYOND VAGNARI. New themes in the Study of Roman South Italy - MUNERA; 38 - Alastair M. Small

di Alastair M. Small

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    Collana: MUNERA - 38
    A cura di Alastair M. Small
    Edizione: 2014 17 x 24 cm.
    Pagine: 336
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    Ulrike Roth
    Beyond Vagnari: a small achievement

    Alastair M. Small

    Douwe Yntema
    Romanization and south-east Italy

    Edward Herring
    "The ties that bind": ethnicity and social cohesion in Hellenistic Central Puglia

    Bice Peruzzi
    The (d)evolution of grave good assemblages in Peucetia in the 3rd century BCE

    Saskia T. Roselaar
    Economic developments and the integration of southern Italy in the Roman Republic

    Alastair M. Small
    From Silvium to Vagnari: sheep, wool and weaving on the saltus

    Carola M. Small
    Vagnari and the Basentello Survey. A brief summary

    Alastair M. Small
    Tile stamps of privati from the Basentello valley field survey

    Maureen Carroll
    Vagnari 2012: New work in the vicus by the University of Sheffield

    Alan Dalton
    The excavation of the cistern at Vagnari: an update

    Liana Brent and Tracy Prowse
    Grave goods, burial practices and patterns of distribution in the Vagnari cemetery

    Tracy Prowse, Chrystal Nause and Marissa Ledger
    Growing up and growing old on an imperial estate: preliminary palaeopathological analysis of skeletal remains from Vagnari

    Myles McCallum and Hans vanderLeest
    Research at San Felice: the villa on the imperial estate

    Philip Kenrick
    Domestic pottery at Vagnari: regional character and Adriatic connections

    Alessandra De Stefano
    The presence and circulation of lamps at Vagnari and in the valley of the Basentello

    Giacomo Disantarosa
    Contextualizing the context: amphorae from the site of Vagnari and from the Basentello valley

    Myles McCallum and Adam Hyatt
    A view of Vagnari from across the Basentello: initial results from the BVARP survey, 2012

    Maria Luisa Marchi
    The landscape of Daunia: Ager Venusinus

    Helena Fracchia
    Rural agglomerations in the Upper Bradano Valley

    Maurizio Gualtieri
    The villa at Masseria Ciccotti in the 3rd century AD

    Helga Di Giuseppe
    Imperial estates in inland Lucania

    Edward Bispham and Susan Kane
    The Middle Sangro Valley under the Empire: a productive landscape?

    Darian Marie Totten
    Building regional connections in Late Antique southern Italy

    Marcella Chelotti
    The development of imperial properties in the Second Augustan Region from the 1st to the 3 rd century AD

    Marcella Chelotti and Alastair M. Small
    APPENDIX. An updated location map of inscriptions relating to imperial slaves and freedmen in Regiones II and III

    Nicholas Purcell
    'No two characters seem more inconsistent than those of trader and sovereign' (Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, V, 2, I). The problem of Roman imperial estates

    Pasquale Rosafio
    Vagnari, an outline of the imperial estate

    Domenico Vera
    Imperial estates in Late Roman southern Italy: land concentration and rent distribution

    Pasquale Favia
    The Alta Murgia and the Basentello valley between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages: transformation of the countryside and changes in settlement in inland Central Apulia