San Vincenzo Maggiore and its Workshops - Richard Hodges

di Richard Hodges

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    Collana: Archaeological Monographs of the British School at Rome; 17

    The San Vincenzo Project began in 1980 as a collaboration with the Soprintendenza Archaeologica del Molise. Its initial focus was the small frescoed crypt of ’San Lorenzo’ (later known as the Crypt Church), which was in urgent need of conservation. Over the following eighteen years, a large multidisciplinary project was undertaken involving archaeologists, historians and art historians. This consisted of major open-area excavations of the early medieval monastery, of which the celebrated crypt proved to be a modest funerary oratory at the northern limits of the site. The project also involved a study of settlement history in the Upper Volturno valley. This book presents the finds of this excavation.