Comparing Ancient Grammars. The Greek, Syriac and Arabic Traditions - Sara Eco Conti and Margherita Farina

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    In 4°, bross. edit., pp. 153
    The book collects a revised version of the talks delivered in 2009, during a workshop held at the Scuola Normale Superiore, concerning the connections between the Greek, Syriac and Arabic grammatical traditions. The various contributions, focusing mainly on the verb and its characteristics, gave rise to interesting reflections and prospects of collaboration between different scientific domains. The volume addresses the following topics: Apollonius Dyscolus's description of the infinitive form (Jean Lallot); some ancient and modern grammatical descriptions of the verbal forms which can be classified as perfect forms (Kees Versteegh); the metalinguistic language and philosophy in Presocratic Greece (Pierangiolo Berrettoni); the definition of the verb and its accidents in the Greek Téchne Grammatiké and in the other grammatical sources (Sara Eco Conti); descriptions of verbal accidents in some ancient Syriac grammars which had the Greek Téchne Grammatiké as a model (Margherita Farina).