Otium cum dignitate Festschrift für Angelika Geyer zum 65. Geburtstag. Studien zur Archäologie und Rezeptionsgeschichte der klassischen Antike - BAR S2605 2014:

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    edited by Dennis Graen, Mareike Rind and Henning Wabersich

    vii+337 pages; illustrated throughout in colour and black and white.

    In German with English abstracts.

    A festschrift for Professor Angelika Geyer to mark her 65th birthday. Contributions in German (English translations of titles) include: Part I: Greece: The celebration of florescence at Thera. Thoughts on the interpretation of the frescoes in Xesté 3 at Akrotiri (Werner Gauer); An Amazon frieze from Apollonia (Henner von Hesberg); Fragments of history: Introducing a new shape of vase produced in the Jena Painter's workshop (Kleopatra Kathariou); Crossing the Adria by kayak (Anja Ludwig); A suffering and dying god? Dionysos in Walter; F. Otto and in ancient art (Susanne Moraw); The Setting for Dionysian Associations and their cultural, historical and religious context (Inge Nielsen); Corinthian vase painting in the Collection of Antiquities at Jena - an early vessel by the Sphinx-Painter (Yvonne Seidel); Parthenon: A heresy of the peplos. (East frieze 34-35) (Burkhardt Wesenberg).

    Part II: Roman Republic and Empire: Celtic militaria on Roman coins (Korana Deppmeyer - Yvonne Schmuhl); Bronze roofs in Roman Architecture (Dennis Graen); The sanctuary of Adonis as a reflection of religious life in Dura Europos during the Roman Imperial era (Klaus Stephan Freyberger); A lead-glazed skyphos with gladiators from Asia Minor (Torsten Kleinschmidt); Four miniature herm busts from the Collections of Antiquities of the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena (Uta Lische); Romans in the Sahara - myth or reality? (Mareike Rind); The architecture of Roman villae in Asia Minor (Susan Schtz); The Dirke vase and its counterpart (Erika Simon); The three-part sanctuary of Aphrodite at Palaepaphos on Cyprus and the depictions of the baitylos on Cypriot coins of the earlier Roman Imperial era (Charalampos Tsochos); Shape and medium. Some thoughts on crossmaterial relations among Greek and Roman tablewares (Henning Wabersich).

    Part III: The Later Roman Empire, Middle Ages and Modern Era: The hypogaeum of S. Maria in Stelle (Verona) and the pictorial decoration of Christian cultic buildings of the 4th and 5th centuries AD (Hugo Brandenburg); Observations on the perception of the Metarmorphoses-Cycle by Bernard Salomon (Gerlinde Huber-Rebenich - Sabine Ltkemeier); No late Roman burgus near Vils/Schönbichl! Excavations in 2011 and 2012 (Sebastian Matz); Short history of the Department for Christian Archaeology at Jena University (Annegret Plontke-Lning); From Alexander the Great to Henry II. The mantle of stars and the chlamys of purple as Imperial insignia in Antiquity and Medieval times (Yvonne Schmuhl); "hilfreich, furchtlos und treu" - burial culture and the perception of Antiquity in Jena and its vicinity (Manuela Tiersch - Marcolf Baliga); Petrarch on the ruins of Ancient Rome and the evidence of the triadic periodization of history (Helmut G. Walther).