Quaderni di Studi Arabi n.s. 2 - 2007 - POPULAR ARABIC POETRY AND SONG - Clive Holes

di Clive Holes

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    In 8°, bross. edit., 240 pp.
    Quaderni di Studi Arabi n.s. 2 (2007)
    Guest Editor: Clive Holes
    Introduction (C. H.) 3-9
    Margaret LARKIN, The Dust of the Master: A Maml™k-Era Zajal
    by Khalaf al-Ghub…r† 11-29
    Pierre CACHIA, Of Loose Verse and Masculine Beauty 31-40
    Clive HOLES & Sa¼id Salman ABU ATHERA, Animal Imagery in Modern
    Bedouin Poetry 41-52
    Veronika RITT-BENMIMOUN, The Gap Between Tradition and Modernity
    as Mirrored in the Bedouin Poetry of Southern Tunisia 53-70
    Said ENNAHID, The Archaeology of Space in Moroccan Oral Tradition:
    The Case of Mal|™n Poetry: 71-84
    Kathryn STAPLEY, Linguistic Aspects of the Tunisian M…l™f 85-94
    John SHOUP, The Griot Tradition in ðass…niyya Music: The ‡gg…wen 95-102
    ! ! !
    Shosh BEN-ARI, The Aw…½il Stories: Legitimization of Norms and Customs 103-118
    Giovanni CANOVA, ¼Al† b. Ab† ¦…lib “principe delle api” 119-134
    Pierre LARCHER, Les Mu¼allaq…t: le nombre et le nom, une fois encore 135-156
    Ludvik KALUS & Frédérique SOUDAN
    Les sceaux dévoilent leurs propriétaires:“soufi raffiné”, “homme de résolution”
    ou homme de passion”? 157-180
    Reuven SNIR, “The Tail above the Head”: Literary Representations
    of ¼Abd al-N…¡ir’s Regime as a World Upsidedown 181-208
    Mas’ud HAMDAN & Erith JAFFE-BERG, Parallel Currents in Italian
    and Syrian Comedy: Ghawwar meets Mirandolina 209-222
    Basiliyus BAWARDI, Ad™n†s and the Implied Identity towards
    an Ideological Poetical Text 223-238
    Michele EMMER, Al-Khayy…m matematico 239-240
    H. BERG, The Development of Exegesis in Early Islam. The Authenticity of Muslim
    Literature from the Formative Period, Richmond 2000 (R. Tottoli); A. CHEDDADI,
    Ibn Khald™n. L’homme et le théoricien de la civilisation, Paris 2006 (M. Campanini);
    A. SCARABEL, Il Sufismo. Storia e dottrina, Roma 2007 (M. Campanini); D.
    VALÉRIAN, Bougie,
    Michele EMMER, Al-Khayy…m matematico 239-240