DARIOSH STUDIES II. Persepolis and its Settlements: Territorial System and Ideology in the Achaemenid State - AION - Series Minor; 78

di Gian Pietro Basello, Adriano V. Rossi

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    In 4°, ediz. bross edit., 470 pp. ill.ni b/n e coll.

    The present volume contains the Proceedings of a Conference held at La Tuscia University of Viterbo on thetheme: “Territorial System and Ideology in the Achaemenid State: Persepolis and its Settlements” (16th-17thDecember 2010). The Conference was summoned to discuss the nal results of the National Research Project(PRIN 2007ZKPPSM) on “Territorial system and ideology in the Achaemenid State: Persepolis and its settlement”,in which three Research Units have participated: “Persepolis in the archaeological, epigraphic, lexicographicaldocumentation”, directed by Prof. A.V. Rossi at L’Orientale University; “Persepolis, the Mazdean cult and theAchaemenid kingship”, directed by Prof. A. Panaino at the University of Bologna, and “The political discoursein the Achaemenid state: linguistic and lexical studies on Persepolis trilingual inscriptions” directed by Prof. E.Filippone at La Tuscia University.The volume contains the results of an international collaboration between Iranian, French and Italianscholarships.The articles are enriched by over a hundred of colour plates and maps.

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