The Complete Pompeii

di Joanne Berry

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    25.40 x 19.00 cm
    318 Illustrations, 275 in colour

    The dramatic story of Pompeii’s destruction and burial

    Pompeii is the best known and probably the most important archaeological site in the world. This is the most up-to-date, authoritative and comprehensive account for the general reader of its rise, splendour and fall.

    The drama of Pompeii's end has been handed down by Roman writers, its paintings and mosaics have astonished visitors since their discovery, and its houses and public buildings still present a vivid picture of life, disaster and death in a Roman town.

    • Lavish illustrations
    • Research since Pompeii was unearthed
    • Daily lives and deaths of its people
    • The internal politics
    • Architecture, decoration and objects of daily life
    • Religion from the Roman gods to the exotic cult of Isis
    • Economic Life from production, through shopping to long-distance trade
    • Features range from theatre to water supply
    • Comprehensive tables of information