Diogenes of Oinoanda, The Epicurean Inscription - Supplemento 1 (LA SCUOLA DI EPICURO)

di M. F. Smith

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    Diogenes of Oinoanda, The Epicurean Inscription, edited with Introduction , Translation and Notes by M.F. Smith, pp. 660 , diciotto tavole f.t. , rilegato , 1993. .
    ISBN 88-7088-270-5
    € 103,00
    La Scuola di Epicuro (I Supplemento)

    A selection of reviewers’ comments:
    “ Splendido volume, … edizione capitale”. __ La Parola del Passato

    “The best and fullest edition ever of this interesting text and … a remarkable specimen of what a combination of expertise in both epigraphics and the field of ancient philosophy may yield”. __ Mnemosyne

    “Une édition magistrale. … Un très beau travail, qui intéresse l’épigraphiste, le linguiste, l’historien et le philosophe”. __ “Bulletin Épigraphique”, Revue des Études Grecques

    “An indispensable tool for specialists in the Epicurean tradition, and also for those interested in the cultural life of imperial times. …A splendid edition of this important text”. __ The Classical Review

    “An excellent new edition. …A work of lasting value for everyone interested in the history of Epicureanism in antiquity, and more generally for those interested in the intellectual and cultural history of the Greek east during the Roman Empire”. __ Ancient Philosophy

    “Magistrale. … Une presentation remarquablement claire et soignée. … Le travail de M.F. Smith … couronne ses propres découvertes mais aussi tous les travaux précédents”. __ Revue de Philologie