Settlement Patterns, Production and Trades from Neolithic to Middle Ages - BAR S2370

di Cristina Gandini

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    Final Conference Dijon, 23-25 June 2008. ARCHAEDYN: 7 Millennia of Territorial Dynamics

    80 pages; illustrated throughout with colour and black and white.

    This volume presents the contributions of the four workgroups involved in the collective research programme entitled ‘ArchaeDyn. Spatial dynamics of settlement and natural resources: towards a long-term integrated analysis, from Prehistory to the Middle Ages’, funded by the French Ministry of Research between 2005 and 2007. Contents: Introduction to the ArchaeDyn Project (L. Nuninger and F. Favory), 1) Models and tools for territorial dynamic studies (L. Nuninger, L. Saligny, K. Oštir, N. Poirier, E. Fovet, C. Gandini, E. Gauthier, . Kokalj, F. Tolle); 2) The time-space dynamics of agricultural areas from Antiquity to Modern times ((N. Poirier, M. Georges-Leroy, F. Tolle, E. Fovet); 3) Spatio-temporal dynamics of settlement patterns in central and southern Gaul from 800 BC to 800 AD: models for long-term interregional comparison (F. Bertoncello, E. Fovet, C. Gandini, F. Trément and L. Nuninger); 4) The search for a common methodology for studying the spatial dynamics of material and product circulation in ancient times (E. Gauthier, O. Weller, L. Nuninger, M. Gabillot, B. Quilliec).