Oriente Moderno n.s.XXIII (LXXXIV) 1, 2004 - ISLAM IN SOUTH ASIA a cura di DANIELA BREDI


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    DANIELA BREDI Prefazione, p. v-xii
    ISHTIAQ AHMED Pakistan, Islam, Secularism, Democracy: A Phantasmagoria of
    Conflicting Muslim Aspirations, p. 13-28
    MARZIA CASOLARI What Hindu Policy toward Muslims since the Sangh Parivar’s Rule?,
    p. 29-37
    MARCO CORSI Internal Conflicts in Pakistan, p. 39-49
    THIERRY DI COSTANZO Conflicting Perceptions of Bangladesh, p. 51-69
    ASGHAR ALI ENGINEER Islam and Muslims in India — Problems of Identity and Existence,
    p. 71-82
    JAN-PETER HARTUNG ¼Ulam…½ of Contemporary South Asia — Globalizing the Local by
    Localizing the Global, p. 83-101
    MUSHIRUL HASAN Partition Narratives, p. 103-130
    GOLAM HOSSAIN Islamic Elements and Democratization in Bangladesh, p. 131-145
    FAQUIR MUHAMMAD HUNZAI A Living Branch of Islam: Ismailis of the Mountains of Hunza, §
    p. 147-160
    MAREN KARLITZKY Continuity and Change in the Relationship between the Congress and the
    Muslim Elite — a Case Study of the Tyabji Family, p. 161-176
    OMAR KHALIDI Indian Muslim Society and Economy, p. 177-202
    ALESSANDRO MONTI The Locks of Time: Mirroring the Woman in Urdu Ghazal, p. 203-215
    CHRISTINA OESTERHELD Urdu and Muslim Women, p. 217-243
    JOACHIM OESTERHELD Muslims and Primary Education in the Central Provinces and Berar
    (1920-1947), p. 245-262
    MARGRIT PERNAU Schools for Muslim Girls — a Colonial or an Indigenous Project? A Case
    Study of Hyderabad, p. 263-276
    VALERIO PIETRANGELO L’Urdu come simbolo di identità per i musulmani dell’India,
    p. 277-294
    DIETRICH REETZ Keeping Busy on the Path of Allah — the Self-Organization of the
    Tablighi Jama¼at, p. 295-305
    ANITA WEISS Islamic Influences on Socio-Legal Conditions of Pakistani Women,
    p. 307-327
    THEODORE P. WRIGHT, JR. The Generation Shift in Muslim Leadership in India, p. 329-338
    INDEX p. 339-