Oriente Moderno, n.s. XXVI (LXXXVII) 2, 2007 - ISLAMS AND DEMOCRACIES Edited by Massimo CAMPANINI

di Massimo CAMPANINI

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    MASSIMO CAMPANINI, Foreword, i-iv
    KHALED ABOU EL FADL Islam and the Challenge of Democratic Commitment,
    p. 247-299
    ASMA AFSARUDDIN Mawd™d†’s “Theo-Democracy:” How Islamic is it Really?,
    p. 301-325
    RAYMOND WILLIAM BAKER Worldly Islam: the Islamic Wasa¥iyyah and the Quest for Democracy,
    p. 327-355
    PAOLO BRANCA Islam between charisma and Power: the Political Philosophy
    of ß…mal al-Bann…, p. 357-362
    MASSIMO CAMPANINI The Development of Political Institutions in Egypt: a Path to Democracy?,
    p. 363-372
    ZAYD EYADAT The Calculus of Consensus: an Alternative Path to Arab Democracy,
    p. 373-383
    MOHAMED CHERIF FERJANI Islam politique et démocratie: une évolution comparable à celle
    qui a donné la «démocratie chrétienne» est-elle possible ?, p. 385-407
    PETER GRAN An Attempt to get beyond Polarity of Thought in the Case of Western Democracy
    and Islam — A Rethinking of Modern Egypt and Italy, p. 409-432
    ðASAN ðANAF‡ Democracy, an End or a Tool?, p. 433-438
    AHMAD S. MOUSSALLI Islamic Democracy and Human Rights, p. 439-457
    KARIM MEZRAN Libya: Evolution and Prospect of a Democratic Change, p. 459-484
    RICCARDO REDAELLI Constitutional Complexity and Political Paradoxes of the Islamic
    Republic of Iran, p. 485-499