Egyptian Cosmology. The animated Universe - Moustafa Gadalla

di Moustafa Gadalla

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    Egyptian cosmology is humanistic, coherent, comprehensive, consistent, logical, analytical, and rational. This book is informative and well written, so that the whole spectrum of readers--from the serious to the casual--will find the subjects enlightening. The book surveys the applicability of Egyptian cosmological concepts to our modern understanding of the nature of the universe, creation, science, and philosophy, such as:

    The Egyptians' expression of monotheistic mysticism.
    The Big Bang that started the universe, as described in the Egyptian Texts.
    The numerical codes of creation.
    The Egyptian concept of the universal energy matrix, how the social and political structures were a reflection of the universe, and the interactions between the nine universal realms, …etc.
    The Egyptians' perpetual cosmic consciousness - As Above, So Below and As Below, So Above - and its applications to man and society.
    The Big Crunch would end the universe, and the Big Bounce would start creation all over again, as foretold in the Egyptian Texts.

    Table of Contents

    Table of Contents 5
    Preface 11
    Standards and Terminology 13
    Map 15

    Part 1 The Egyptian Way
    1. The Most Religious
    Cosmic Consciousness
    True Monotheism
    Egyptian Mystery Plays 19
    2. The Egyptian Model 24
    3. All Is Number 28

    Part 2 The Creation Numerical Codes
    4. In The Beginning
    Nun, The Subjective Being
    Ma-at, The Cosmic Order
    Amen/Amon/Amun, The Occult Force
    The Becoming One 35
    5. The Dualistic Nature 39
    6. The Triangulation of Creation 46
    7. The Stability of Four 48
    8. The Fifth Star 50
    9. The Cubical Six 52
    10. The Cyclical Seven 54
    11. Eight, The Octave 56

    Part 3 The Energy Matrix
    12. Animism, The Energized Universe
    Let Creation Begin
    A Matter of Energies
    The Nine Realms 61
    13. Neteru, The Angels of God
    Neteru (gods, goddesses) and Angels
    Pictorial Symbolism of the Neteru
    Animals’ Symbolism 66
    14. Ra (Re), Cosmic Creative Force
    The One Joined Together
    The Grand Ennead, The Nine Circles
    Scarab Symbolism 70
    15. Tehuti (Hermes), The Divine Tongue
    The Sound and the Form
    Tehuti and Ra (Perfect Tone)
    Name Calling
    Harmony of the Spheres 74
    16. Ptah, The Divine Smith 80
    17. Ausar (Osiris), The Resurrection
    The Grand Ancestor
    The Renewal Power (Easter) 82
    18. Auset (Isis), The Universal Mother
    The Virgin Mother
    Sabt (Sirius), Auset Star 86
    19. Set (Seth/Typhon), The Power of Opposition 90

    Part 4 The Universal Replica
    20. The Human Being
    The One Joined Together
    The Big Bang — The Divine Parts
    Astrological Personal Maps
    Metaphysical/Physical Functions of the Parts
    Human Measurement Units 95
    21. The Metaphysical Man
    The Twin Soul
    The Metaphysical Components 105

    Part 5 Social Harmony
    22. Social and Political Structures
    The Animated Society
    Harmonic Matrilineal/Matriarchal Society
    Commonwealth Alliance of Polities
    Central-Type Government Failings 111
    23. Division of Labor
    Work Ethics
    Inborn Destiny (Genetic History)
    The Various Divisions 117
    24. The Cosmic Link
    The Eternal Power
    The Master Servant
    Keeping the Flame Alive 120
    25. Interacting With Energies
    The Physical/Metaphysical Society
    The Intermediaries
    The Cosmic Shrines (Temples)
    Shrines of Wali-s (Shepherds/Saints)
    Visiting Family Ancestors
    The Physical/Metaphysical Offerings
    Dwellings for the Wandering Spirits 124
    26. Tuning To the Universe
    Astronomical Consciousness
    The Earth’s Wobble and the Zodiac Ages
    The Zodiac Constellation of Ancient Egypt
    In Rhythm with the Zodiac Ages
    The Age of Taurus (The Bull)
    The Age of Aries (The Ram) 134

    Part 6 The Earthly Voyage
    27. Our Purpose on Earth
    Sound Reunification
    Go Your Own Way (Ma-at)
    Tame That Bull
    Don’t Be An Ass 143
    28. Peace With Earth
    The Tenants’ Rights and Obligations
    Rules of Engagement 150

    Part 7 Going Home
    29. Life After Earth
    The Soul Transmigration
    Performance Evaluation
    Transformational Texts
    Admission to the New Realm 155

    Part 8 A New Octave
    30. The End of the Universe (A New Beginning - Octave) 165

    Glossary 167
    Selected Bibliography 170
    Sources and Notes 172
    Index 180
    About T.R.F. Books 189
    Ordering Information 192