Egyptian Harmony: The Visual Music - Moustafa Gadalla

di Moustafa Gadalla

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    This book reveals the Ancient Egyptian knowledge of harmonic proportion, sacred geometry, and number mysticism, as manifested in their texts, temples, tombs, art, hieroglyphs, etc, throughout their known history. It shows how the Egyptians designed their buildings to generate cosmic energy, and the mystical application of numbers in Egyptian works. The book explains in detail the harmonic proportion of about 20 Ancient Egyptian buildings throughout its recorded history.

    Table of Contents

    Table of Contents 5
    Preface 11
    Standards and Terminology 13
    Map 15

    1. For Your Eyes/Ears Only
    Harmony Defined
    Kepler and the Egyptian Renaissance
    The Egyptian Sacred Cord
    Egyptian Mystery Plays (Encyclopedia in Action) 15

    2. Ma-at, The Queen of Harmony
    In the Beginning — Chaos
    Law and Order
    Stay Tuned (Hear & Learn)
    Play It By Heart 24

    3. Ra (Re), The One Joined Together
    The One and ALL
    The Becoming One
    The Expanding Sacred Circle (pi)
    The Ennead, The Nine Circles
    The Musical Proportions in the Circle
    In the Beginning — Chaos
    Neb, The Golden Segment/Section (phi) 37

    4. Tehuti (Hermes), The Divine Deliverance
    Let Creation Begin
    Metu Neter
    Squaring the Circle: The Perfect Tone
    The Octave Sets the Tone 45

    5. Seshat, The Enumerator
    Number Mysticism
    Fraction Mysticism
    The Generation Law (Fibonacci Series)
    Practical Mathematics in Ancient Egypt 51

    6. The Two Parts, Setting the Tone
    The Pair of Ra’s Lips
    Neheb-Kau, The Provider of Forms
    The Spitting Image, Shu and Tefnut
    The Two Parts of Trinity
    The Musical Fifth (Heavenly Marriage)
    The Heru Star (The Pentagon) 66

    7. The Generative Square Roots
    The Root Rectangles
    The Double Square (The Musical Octave)
    The Root Five Rectangle
    The Neb (Golden) Rectangle
    The Whirling Squares Spirals 72

    8. Triangles, The Building Blocks
    Sound/Forms of Triangles
    The Tehuti (Hermes) Triangle
    The Ausar (Osiris) Triangle
    The Neb (Golden) Triangle 85

    9. The Hieroglyphic Mysticism
    The Corruption of Hieroglyphs
    The Metaphysical Symbols
    Geometric Proportion of Hieroglyphic Symbols 92

    10. Harmonic Proportion of Human Figuration
    Canon of Proportion
    The Divine and Earthly Realms
    The Descriptive Proportion 100

    11. Seshat, The Builder
    The Knowledge Manifestation
    The Written Building Specifications
    Homage to the Perfect
    The Harmonic Design Parameters
    - The Active Axes
    - Significant Points (Along the Axis)
    - The Telescopic Triangles
    - The Rectangular Perimeters
    - The Vertical Plane
    Design and Construction Plans 108

    12. Temple, The Divine Energy Generator
    The Function/Objective of Temple
    The Dynamic Walls (Bas-Reliefs)
    Let Energy Flow 122

    13. Harmonic Analysis of Ancient Egyptian Works
    Pre-Dynastic Era (5000-2575 BCE)
    Old Kingdom (2575-2150 BCE)
    - Mastaba Tombs
    - Khufu (Cheops)Pyramid’s Granite Room
    - Pyramid Temple of Khafra (Chephren)
    - Menkaura’s (Mycerinus) Pyramid
    Middle Kingdom (2040-1783 BCE)
    - Peripteral Chapel of Sen-usert I
    - Tomb of Wahka
    New Kingdom (1550-1070 BCE)
    - Karnak Temple Complex
    - Ausar (Osiris) Temple at Abtu (Abydos)
    - Tomb of Ramses IV
    The Last Native Egyptian Pharaoh (360-343 BCE)
    - Khnum Temple
    Restoration During Greco-Roman Period (332 BCE - 395 CE)
    Miscellaneous Items
    - General
    - Capitals of Columns
    - Stelae
    - Pylons
    - Doorways / Gateways 135

    Glossary - General 167
    Glossary - Musical Terms 170
    Selected Bibliography 172
    Sources and Notes 175
    Index 182
    About T.R.F. Books 189
    Ordering Information 192