The Long March of Archaeology in the Eastern Mediterranean. Political and Cultural Entanglements - Björn Forsén, Giovanni Salmeri, David Shankland


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    Collana: Ricerche sul Mediterraneo antico, 1
    Isbn: 978-88-5491-457-5
    Materie: Archeologia
    Formato: 21,5x26
    Pagine: 224
    Lingua: Inglese


    Björn Forsén, Giovanni Salmeri, David Shankland

    A Brief Summary
    Giovanni Salmeri


    Chapter 1. Ottoman Approaches to Ancient Greece, Björn Forsén

    Chapter 2. Armenians and the Classical Hellenic Past in Smyrna,
    or Self-Legitimization far away from any Armenia in the Late Ottoman Period
    Hervé Georgelin

    Chapter 3. Tales of Companionship, Tales of Antagonism: Western Influence
    on Ottoman Archaeology in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
    Artemis Papatheodorou

    Chapter 4. Tension and Resolution in Archaeology in Turkey
    David Shankland

    Chapter 5. Orientalism in Rome: Foreign and Local Scholars in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
    Giovanni Salmeri

    Schools and Institutes

    Chapter 6. The Hyperboreans in Rome and Athens: The Prehistory of the Nordic Institutes
    Björn Forsén

    Chapter 7. French Explorations in Epirus (1797-1914): A Case Study in the Changing Institutional Framework of French Archaeology
    Brendan Osswald

    Chapter 8. The United Kingdom’s Institutional Engagement with Ancient Egypt: Or, why is no British School on the Nile?
    Aidan Dodson

    Chapter 9. The “Non-Institute” in the Ex-Capital: The Swedish Institute in Constantinople, 1922-1924
    Frederick Whitling

    Cultural Traditions

    Chapter 10. Dörpfeld and the Others: The Role of Architects in German Archaeological Institutes
    Martin Bachmann

    Chapter 11. The Case for Ethnological Antiquarianism: The Intellectual Life and Research Culture of the British School at Athens, 1900-1920
    James Whitley

    Chapter 12. Academic Pursuits in the Shadow of Imperial Policy: Nikodim Kondakov’s Quest for Byzantium in the Ottoman Empire
    Pınar Üre

    Chapter 13. J.B. Ward-Perkins and the Landscape Tradition
    Cristopher Smith