Coptic Literature in Context (4th-13th cent.). Cultural Landscape, Literary Production, and Manuscript Archaeology - Paola Buzi


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    Collana: PAST - Percorsi Strumenti e Temi di Archeologia, 5

    Isbn: 978-88-5491-049-2; Issn: 2611-8807
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    Paola Buzi The Places of Coptic Literary Manuscripts: Real and Imaginary Landscapes. Theoretical Reflections in Guise of Introduction Part I The Geography of Coptic Literature: Archaeological Contexts, Cultural Landscapes, Literary Texts, and Book Forms Jean-Luc Fournet, Temples in Late Antique Egypt: Cultic Heritage between Ideology, Pragmatism, and Artistic Recycling Tito Orlandi, Localisation and Construction of Churches in Coptic Literature Francesco Valerio, Scribes and Scripts in the Library of the Monastery of the Archangel Michael at Phantoou. Two Case Studies Eva Subías, Further Reflections on the Byzantine Fortress at Oxyrhynchus: Martyrial and Funerary Church, Monastery and Arab Fort Frank Feder, Manuscripts Wanting Homes: Early Biblical Manuscripts from Hermoupolis Magna and Antinoupolis Tea Ghigo, Sofía Torallas Tovar, Between Literary and Documentary Practises: The Montserrat Codex Miscellaneus (Inv. Nos. 126‐178, 292, 338) and the Material Investigation of Its Inks Nathan Carlig, The Achmîm Papyri: Codicological Study and Reconstruction Attempt Christian H. Bull, The Panopolis Connection: The Pachomian Federation as Context for the Nag Hammadi Codices Vicente Barba Colmenero, Sofía Torallas Tovar, Archaeological and Epigraphic Survey of the Coptic Monastery at Qubbet el-Hawa (Aswan) Andrea Hasznos, No Literary Manuscripts from Elephantine? Agostino Soldati, A New Bifolium from the Monastery of Anbā Hadrà (Ms. Roma, Biblioteca Corsiniana, 280.C1) Adam Łajtar, Literary Manuscripts and Writing Supports in Christian Nubia in Context. Three Case Studies: Qasr Ibrim, Faras, Dongola Part II Theoretical Approaches, New Methodologies, and Protocols of Analysis Applied to Coptic Literary Manuscripts and Their Archaeological Context Hugo Lundhaug, The Fluid Transmission of Apocrypha in Egyptian Monasteries Caroline T. Schroeder, Understanding Space and Place through Digital Text Analysis Angelo Colonna, Contextualising Northern Egypt in Late Antiquity: An Archaeological Perspective from Western Delta Ilaria Rossetti, Reconstructing the Late Antique and Early Mediaeval Settlement Dynamics. Some Cases from the Eastern Delta Tea Ghigo, Ira Rabin, Gaining Perspective into Manuscripts Materiality: The Contribution of Archaeometry to the Study of the Inks of the White Monastery Leaves Eliana Dal Sasso, A Preliminary Census of Coptic Bookbindings Francesco Berno, For a Periodization of Coptic Literature: Methodological Issues, Manuscript Evidence, Open Questions Julian Bogdani, Defining Methodologies and Protocols for the Use and Re-use of Archaeological Legacy Data. The Case Study of the Archaeological Atlas of Coptic Literature