Fiction and Figuration in High and Late Medieval Literature - Analecta Romana Instituti Danici. Supplementa XLVII

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     a cura di   M. Pade Cullhed A. Hallengren Anders Møller Jensen B.



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    Anders Cullhed, Editorial Note.

    Fiction from the High Middle Ages to the Renaissance
    Jan Ziolkowski, Fiction in the Long Twelfth Century and Beyond: Naissance, Renaissance, Both, or Neither. Raffaele Morabito, Boccaccio e l’abundantia cordis. Marianne Pade, Intertextuality as a Narrative Device. The Epistolographic Genre in the Renaissance.

    Theory of fiction
    Fritz Peter Knapp, Mimesis in der mittelalterlichen Poetik. Wim Verbaal, Getting Lost in Worlds: The Fiction of Literature (eleventh and twelfth century). Päivi M. Mehtonen, Fiction Theory, Nominalist Mysticism and Medievalism.

    Giovanni Paolo Maggioni, Texts between History and Fiction in Medieval Hagiography. Brian Møller Jensen, Fables of Phaedrus Recycled in Medieval Latin Literature. Anders Cullhed, Imagination, Shadows, Dante. Anders Hallengren, Petrarch’s Vindication of Poetic Imagination. Contributors.