The Villa Laurentina of Pliny the Younger in an 18th Century Vision -Miziolek Jerzy


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    Collane: L'ErmArte, 16

    Rilegatura: Brossura
    Pagine: 250, 18 ill. B/N, 120 ill. Col.
    Formato: 24 x 28 cm 

    Jerzy Miziolek, Villa Laurentina of Pliny the Younger in an Eighteenth Century Vision


    Chapter I. Stanislaw Kostka Potocki: archaeology and artistic culture in the 2nd half of the eighteenth century
    1.The fascination with Antiquity and its influence in the 2nd half of the eighteenth century
    2.Stanis³aw Kostka Potocki in the Memoirs of Eyewitness
    3.Stanis³aw Kostka Potocki' s studies at the Royal Academy in Turin
    4.Stanis³aw Kostka Potocki' s travels around Italy in 1774-82
    5.In the company of Princess Izabela Lubomirska: Stanis³aw Kostka Potocki' s sojourn in Italy in 1785-86

    Chapter II. The Laurentina - Pliny the Younger' s villa marittima and its reconstruction in the pure taste of the century of Trajan
    1. A literary portrait of the Laurentina - the dwelling-place of the Muses
    2.The owner of the Laurentina
    3.The search for the remnants of the Laurentina in the eighteenth century and later
    4.Pliny' s letter on the Laurentina in European culture from the Renaissance to neoclassicism
    5.Artists employed by Stanis³aw Kostka Potocki, and their drawings
    6.Reconstruction drawings of the Laurentina and remarks on the Notes et Idées sur la Villa de Pline
    7.Reconstruction of Pliny' s villa, decoration of the main rooms, patterns and inspirations
    8.The cryptoportico with adjacent pavilions and the heliocaminus
    9. Some notes on the Ideas Guiding the Plan for Pliny' s villa by Potocki

    Chapter III. The third dimension of Pliny the Younger' s villa. Virtual reconstruction of the Laurentina

    Instead of an epilogue: the Laurentina of Potocki' s vision and the artistic culture of neoclassical Warsaw

    I. Pliny the Younger, Letter to Gallus (2, 17)
    II. Stanis³aw Kostka Potocki, Notes and Ideas on Pliny' s Villa
    III. Notes and explanations in the portfolios containing the drawings