EGYPTIAN CURSES, 1 - AHMES (Archaeological Heritage & Multidisciplinary Egyptological Studies) - Istituto di Studi sul Mediterraneo Antico a cura di GIUSEPPINA CAPRIOTTI VITTOZZI


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    In 4°, 120 pp., a coll.

    Egyptian Curses 1" is the first volume of the series AHMES (Archaeological Heritage & Multidisciplinary Egyptological Studies) published by the Institute for Ancient Mediterranean Studies of the CNR. The volume reports the proceedings of the Egyptological Day held at the National Research Council (December 3rd, 2012), within the International Conference "Reading Catastrophes". Some case-studies are presented in the volume: recent discoveries at Thebes (the Colossi of Memnon) and Saqqara (Bubasteion), which offer traces of cataclysms; research on the Stela of Ahmose, and related study of Mediterranean chronology in the light of the cataclysm at Thera/Santorini. The papers enlighten the interweaving of archaeological and textual data, and offer important results obtainable through interdisciplinary research.