Ugaritic Textbook. Grammar, Texts in Transliteration, Cuneiform Selections, Glossary, Indices. - GORDON, Cyrus H - Analecta Orientalia; 38

di Cyrus H GORDON

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    Gordon, C. H., “Analecta Orientalia” 38, 1998, pp. 159-346 + 1*-31*

    Since 1929 the French expeditions directed by Cl. Schaeffer at the north Syrian port of Ugarit, have produced am intermittent stream of alphabetic tablets, most of which are written in a Semitic language not known as Ugaritic. In 1930, H. Bauer, E. Dhorme and Ch. Virolleaud deciphered enough of the alphabet independently, laying the foundations for the complete decipherment. The purpose of this Textbook is to provide a complete linguistic tool for the study of the Ugaritic tablets. The reader will find ample reference to the specific Ugaritic passages bearing on any point made.