Oriente Moderno n.s. XXV (LXXXVI) 1, 2006 - THE OTTOMANS AND TRADE Edited by Ebru BOYAR and Kate FLEET

di Aa.Vv.

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    In 8°, bross. edit., 200 pp.

    Editors’ preface i-v
    Rossitsa GRADEVA Villagers in international trade: the case of Chervena voda, seventeenth to the
    beginning of the eighteenth centuries, p. 1-20
    Stefka PARVEVA The influence of the market on the urban agrarian space: the case of the
    town of Arcadia in 1716, p. 21-49
    Fruma ZACHS Commerce and merchants under Am†r Baš†r II: from market town to
    commercial centre, p. 51-63
    Antonis ANASTASOPOULOS Building alliances: a Christian merchant in eighteenth-century Karaferye,
    p. 65-75
    Svetla IANEVA The commercial practices and protoindustrial activities of Haci Hristo
    Rachkov, a Bulgarian trader at the end of the eighteenth to the beginning of
    the nineteenth century, p. 77-91
    Eyal GINIO When coffee brought about wealth and prestige: the impact of Egyptian
    trade on Salonica, p. 93-107
    Elena FRANGAKIS-SYRETT Market networks and Ottoman-European commerce, c. 1700-1825,
    p. 109-128
    Maurits VAN DEN BOOGERT Ottoman Greeks in the Dutch Levant trade: collective strategy and
    individual practice, p. 129-147
    Dariusz KOŁODZIEJCZYK Slave hunting and slave redemption as a business enterprise: the northern
    Black Sea region in the sixteenth to seventeenth centuries,
    p. 149-159
    Jane HATHAWAY The Ottomans and the Yemeni coffee trade, p. 161-171
    Salih ÖZBARAN Ottomans and the India trade in the sixteenth century: some new data
    and reconsiderations, p. 173-179
    Jan SCHMIDT Hamza Efendi’s treatise on buying and Selling of 1678, p. 181-186
    Kate FLEET Law and trade in the early fifteenth-century: the case of Cagi Sati Oglu,
    p. 187-191
    Ebru BOYAR Public good and private exploitation: criticism of the Tobacco Régie in
    1909, p. 193-200