Ulysses undecided

di Andrea Pelliccia

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    Presentazione di Sveva Avveduto, Carolina Brandi

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    Without a doubt, the analysis of the Greek student mobility would be very useful in understanding aspects of Greek society and the reasons which prompted the students to leave their country, especially in this historical period characterised by an unprecedented economic crisis in Greece. This research aims at studying the characteristics of the Greek students in the Italian universities, providing suggestions for improving decision making and for ensuring equal opportunities for quality education. This survey analyses their migratory plans, training, expectations of study, evaluation of the universities and job prospects by taking as a hypothesis the "Ulysses metaphor", in that it is possible to return to Greece by means of their cultural capital. From a transnational perspective, this research tries to explain the dynamics of inclusion into the Roman social fabric and the process of creation of their cultural identity and the ties with Greek networks that are factors of social identification and enhancement of their cultural heritage from transnational contexts.