Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum (Catalogue of Greek Coins)

di Aa.Vv.

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    Volume XIII
    The Collection of the Society of Antiquaries, Newcastle upon Tyne (2005)

    Volume XII
    The Hunterian Museum, Glasgow: The Greek Imperials, I-II (2004, 2007)

    Volume XI
    The William Stancomb Collection of Black Sea Coins (2000)

    Volume X
    The John Morcom Collection of Western Greek Bronze Coins (1995)

    Volume IX
    The British Museum, I-II (1993, 2002)

    Volume VIII
    The Hart Collection, Blackburn Museum (1989)

    Volume VII
    Manchester University Museum: The Raby and Güterbock Collections (1986)

    Volume VI
    The Lewis Collection in Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, I-II (1972, 1992)

    Volume V
    The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, I-IV, IX (1951-2007)

    Volume IV
    The Fitzwilliam Museum: Leake and General Collections, I-VIII (1940-71)

    Volume III
    The Lockett Collection, I-V (1938-49)

    Volume II
    The Lloyd Collection I-VIII (1933-7)

    Volume I
    I The Collection of Capt. E G Spencer-Churchill; The Salting Collection (1931)
    II The Newnham Davis Coins (1936)

    XIII. The Collection of the Society of Antiquaries, Newcastle upon Tyne
    by Andrew Meadows & Roderick Williams
    110 pages, including 48 plates
    978-0-19-726310-5 hbk 2005 available from OUP Euro 105.00

    XII. The Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow

    Part II. Roman Provincial Coins: Cyprus – Egypt. by John Goddard
    380 pages, including 159 plates
    978-0-19-726409-6 hbk 2007 available from OUP Euro 185,00

    Part I. Roman Provincial Coins: Spain – Kingdoms of Asia Minor. by John Goddard
    440 pages, including 173 plates
    978-0-19-726282-5 hbk 2004 available from OUP Euro 220,00

    V. Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

    Part IX. Bosporus – Aeolis. by Richard Ashton & Stanley Ireland
    132 pages, including 59 plates
    978-0-19-726416-4 hbk 2007 available from OUP Euro 115,00