GOA MADE. An Archaeological Discovery

di Aa.Vv.

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    A cura di Giardino Claudio e Vidale M. e Bonora G. L.

    Collana/Rivista: Bibliotheca Archaeologica, 49
    Rilegatura: rilegato
    N. di pagine: 300 pp., 423 Ill. B/N, Ill. Col.
    Formato: 21,5 x 28 cm

    This volume summarizes the preliminary results of studies carried out by scholars of different fields, archaeologists and material scientists, on the exceptional finds that came to light at Goa Made in east Java (Indonesia). The site was dug first by illegal excavators, then by Italian-Indonesian official teams of professional archaeologists under the direction of the Indonesian Government. Masks, statuettes, vessels and containers with elaborate forms and bells were made in a peculiar greenish brassbased material, possibly through a complex ceramic technology, so far never scientifically described and still partially understood. Although the precise dating and stylistic nature of many of these peculiar objects is still open to questioning, a good part has been ascribed to the Majapahit period (ca. XIII-XV. centuries AD). The book also reports detailed archaeometallurgic analyses carried out in some of the best laboratories of the world, the evidence gathered in a surface survey of the site and the full results of the excavations so far performed at the site.

    1. Foreword, (F.M. Greco); 2. Overcoming marginality: technological innovation in a peripheral society, (M. Tosi); 3. Introduction, (GMRT); 4. Research background, (M. Vidale and C. Giardino); 5. Topography and archaeology of the Goa Made site, (F. Genchi, M. Vidale and C. Giardino); 6. The peculiar material of the Goa Made artifacts, (C. Giardino, G. Guida, M. Vidale and S. Ridolfi, with contribution of G. Troisi, P. Baraldi, A. Bartoli and M. Bordo); 7. Analysis of an Indonesian mask, (D. Pinna); 8. Some aspects of metallurgical activity detected from metallographic analyses, (A. Casagrande and G.P. Cammarota); 9. Scientific research on two samples of Goa Made (Java) Green Objects and other related aspects, (S. Rovira); 10. The Goa Made figures: a summary of the scientific study and conclusions, (S. Shalev); 11. Another metallurgical note on the Goa Made artifacts, (S. Harjanto); 12. A Summary of the TL tests so far carried out on the Goa Made artifacts, (M. Vidale); 13. A preliminary typology of the Goa Made Artifacts, (C. Giardino and M. Vidale); 14. Megalithic traditions in Indonesia and their possible implications for the dating of the Goa Made artifacts, (Wanny Rahardjo Wahyudi); 15. The Goa Made artifacts in the cultural evolution of Indonesia, (Agus Aris Munandar); 16. Interpreting some Goa Made artifacts in the light of Hindu-Buddhist and Indonesian folk traditions, (Agus Aris Munandar, Wanny Rahardjo Wahyudi and Diding Farhudin); 17. Variation and relative chronology of the artifacts found at Goa Made (Jombang, East Java, Indonesia) and surroundings regions, (Agus Aris Munandar and Diding Farhudin); 18. Iconographic studies on Goa Made artifacts, (Agus Aris Munandar); 19. Detailed information on the digs at Goa Made; 20. A short report on the Goa Made discovery, (A. Spazzapan); 21. Complete corpus of the collection. History and background, (P. Bertuzzi); Appendix; Catalogue; Contributors; Bibliography.