Studies in the Verbal System of the New Testament - limited edition

di Holly David, Osb Cam.

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    pp. 508 Limited Edition (1/50)
    il più completo elenco delle forme verbali del Nuovo Testamento interamente scritto a mano. The most complete lists yet to be found lettered by hand about the verbal system in the New Testament. Limited edition.

    This volume concerns itself essentially with the study or scope of the verbal system used in the critical New Testament, following the text of Nestel-Aland's (25th-26th editions). In the upper margins of each page, one will find the types (ex. Indicative, present, etc) of the verbs under consideration; all of which have complete textual references. Next follow the various forms of the infinitive, the complete lists of various participles, the subjunctive forms; these are followed by the imperative forms, then the optatives (that receive a special attention). Again, the cases have their complete references in order, like the first, the second and the third person contained in the verbs and even the gender are listened as well. One will find textual verses containing no verbs, verses with one verb alone, and the verbs called "voiceless". This volume, once again, is the result of a deep interest in biblical verbs and monastic calligraphy. The intention of the author is to allow no exceptions in his endeavour to present to students, professors and users of this book, the most complete lists yet to be found, lettered by hand. David Holly is a monk and priest of the Benedictine Congregation of Camaldoli (Italy). Born in New Jersey (U.S.A.), in 1929, and ordained a priest in 1954 while a member of Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance at Spencer, Massachusetts, he has been a monk for 64 years. He received the licentiate degree in Sacred Scripture from Pontifical Biblical Institute in 1980. After contributing several biblical articles to monastic reviews, and while pursuing his degree, he authored his first volume, A Complete Categorized Greek-English New Testament Vocabulary (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Book House, 1978, reprinted 1980). In 1983, thanks to the Biblical Institute Press, he published a second volume, Comparative Studies in recent Greek New Testament Texts, a comparative study of the Nestle-Aland's 25th and 26th Editions. Both volumes were lettered by hand. Father David actually resides at Hermitage of Monte Giove (Fano - Italy).