Phoenicians and Carthaginians in the Western Mediterranean - «Studia Punica» vol. 12/1999

di Giovanna Pisano

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    G. Pisano, Foreword, p. 7

    G. Garbini, The Phoenicians and Others, p. 9

    G. Pisano, Remarks on Trade in Luxury Goods in the Western Mediterranean, p. 15

    E. Acquaro, The Shield of Hasdrubal, p. 31

    E. Acquaro, "Nationalkrieg für Afrika" and Environs, p. 35

    S.F. Bondì, Carthage, Italy, and the "Vth Century Problem", p. 39

    E. Cotza, A Study on Painted Vegetable Patterns on Tharros Punic Pottery, p. 49

    A.C. Fariselli, The Impact of Military Preparations on the Economy of the Carthaginian State, p. 59

    L.I. Manfredi, Carthaginian Policy Through Coins, p. 69

    S. Medas, Les équipages des flottes militaires de Carthage, p. 79

    A. Mezzolani, L’espace privé chez les Puniques: remarques sur les salles d’eau, p. 107

    A. Peserico, Pottery Production and Circulation in the Phoenician and Punic Mediterranean. A Study on Open Forms, p. 125