Wood Art from the Swat Valley. The ethnographic activity of the IsIAO Italian Archaeological Mission in Pakistan. FLC 28

di Scerrato, I.E.

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    In 8°, 145 pp., 85 ill.ni b/n f.t. Disponibile anche in PDF
    Chapter I. The Swat Valley
    1. The historical-cultural context
    1.1. Non Islamic cultures in North Pakistan
    1.2. Traditional organization of the Pukhtun Yusufzais
    1.3. The Yusufzai State of Swat
    1.4. The State of Swat: interpretations and problems
    2. Traditional wooden architecture
    2.1. The village
    2.1.a. The mosque
    2.1.b. The dwelling
    2.1.c. The men's house (| ujra)
    Chapter II. Artefacts
    1. Artefacts: their salvaging
    2. Materials and techniques
    2.1. Materials
    2.2. Utensils, and working and decorative techniques
    3. Functional typologies
    3.1. Architectural elements
    3.1.a-b. Capitals and pillars
    3.1.a. Capitals: form and decoration
    3.1.b. Pillars: form and decoration
    3.1.c. Panels: form and decoration
    3.2. Furniture items
    3.2.a. Chairs: form and decoration